EZ xslt
Easy XSLT Stylesheet builder for FileMaker Pro Users


Some quotes from users:

"Thanks so much for this terrific product. The amount of time this will save my staff and ME is beyond belief!!!"

"WOW WOW and WOW!!!
I love this! I was wondering when we would start seeing tools like this for generating XML. I am not surprised to see it coming from you. Well done."

"EZxslt is a very good product! I'm really impressed with it"

"For the record, this is a great bit of software and has just saved me a truck load of time and effort in FileMaker!!"

"This is AWESOME!!"

"We purchased the EZxslt product and are using the heck out of it. It's great!"

"I think you've found a winner here! You've taken the complex part out of XML/XSL. Congratulations!"

"It is a fabulous application and works really great!"

"I took a look at the new beta and ran some tests, it worked flawlessly. This little app is sweet! You have really done a very nice job. The documentation built in the tool is very nice."

"You don't have to know how to write a single line of XML. You just create your Word document the way you want it to be, highlight the "merge" fields that are to come from the database, save it as an RTF, and drop it onto EZxslt. The application creates the stylesheet for you instantly!"

"This is a breakthrough in helping developers appreciate and use the power of XML as a data interchange format. It enables the rapid and almost seamless creation of XSLT style sheets. It extends the power of FileMaker Pro 6 in a compelling fashion. It gives substance to the claim that the marketplace adds new features to FileMaker Pro 6."

"I think it looks and works great!"

"It looks like it will be a really useful tool- making some of the hype about the possibilities of XML into reality."

"Very easy to set up and use."

"One of the best things going right now for FileMaker Pro and XML"

"If you are wondering just when/how you'll find the time to figure out and really make use of some of the XML features in FileMaker 6 you've just found your answer. The example files and help walk you through the process in no time."