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EZxslt Products for Workgroups

Workgroup licenses are for organizations that have multiple people who will be creating or using EZxslt generated stylesheets.

Workgroup licenses are sold based on the number of copies (licenses) of FileMaker Pro in your organization, and include the right to redistribute both the EZxslt application and the resulting stylesheets to all members of your licensed workgroup. If you develop solutions for other people or organizations you might consider our Developer Products.

Support is provided via email to a single contact person.

Workgroup licenses include a license to both Windows and Macintosh versions of EZxslt.

SKU Description Price
EZFW15-5 EZxslt - FileMaker Pro to Word - up to 5 FileMaker Pro users. $129.95
EZFW15-10 EZxslt - FileMaker Pro to Word - 6 to 10 FileMaker Pro users. $199.95
EZFW15-25 EZxslt - FileMaker Pro to Word - 11 to 25 FileMaker Pro users. $399.95
EZFW15-50 EZxslt - FileMaker Pro to Word - 26 to 50 FileMaker Pro users. $599.95
EZFW15-50+ EZxslt - FileMaker Pro to Word - over 50 FileMaker Pro users. Please have someone
contact me
EZFM-C2 Two hour consultation on FileMaker Pro & XSL. $300.00